Brand Introduction

Kanin Kone, a brand with texture and personality.

Natural, interesting, intellectual, and elegant; ensure clear and exaggerated personal charm in any occasion;

Follow the natural occurrence, not arrogant and impatient, to be the most authentic self in the bustling city,

Create the beautiful and comfortable life with the most natural high-quality materials.

TuHuang Cashmere co., Ltd.

Fashion Concept

Rabbit emperor, who is interested in making the brand a representative of the beauty of Chinese cashmere clothing, based on traditional Chinese aesthetics

Supported by a deep, extensive and profound aesthetic hall, product development focuses on integrating traditional elements

The elegant and classic oriental beauty exudes the expression of cashmere knitting to the fullest

Reach a harmonious state of art and beauty.

TuHuang Cashmere co., Ltd.

Brand History

Oriental beauty, classics never fade

Fashion art, reincarnation never ends

Rabbit emperor spirit, the endless pursuit

January 2019

There are now more than 80 franchisees and nearly 200 malls and monopoly stores nationwide.

October 2006

"Kanin kone" cashmere sweater trademark has been evaluated as "China Famous Trademark" and "China Famous Brand" by the State Trademark Office

20 Kanin Konge

Many years of classic national brands